Modern Marvels: Getting in Touch with Modern Medicine

There you are… with a raving cold, snot bubbling from your right nostril, fever spiking and you aren’t sure but you think you might have possibly coughed up something that looks a little bit like a miniature version of something out of a Seuss book. But even still here you are – in line at the pharmacy waiting on your cure and in the meantime working on catching another strain of something to put you out for the count for another three weeks.


When it comes to be sick, the last place you want to be is waiting in line. Especially if doctor’s orders are to rest… wouldn’t it make more sense to be hauled up in bed watching The Young and The Restless?

Advancing in Our Techy World

In a world where smartphones are common place and you can do just about anything on the internet from find out all about Abraham Lincoln to Facebook stalk your crush, it’s hard to believe that there have not been any better ways to get the medicines we need. Doctors seem to be creatures of habit who really love that paper and ink prescription pad!
But thankfully times are changing. Could it be that doctors are finally catching on to what their patients really need the most?

A Growing Trend

If you were to check the app store on your iPhone right now you would likely find several online pharmacy apps for helping you to cut out the long wait lines and get back to bed quicker. Even better… you can order right from bed – and that’s a giant leap in modern medicine. Online pharmacies are a part of the ever growing trend of telehealth where you can have your own doctor send your medication electronically to pharmacies… or even have them shipped directly to your home.

In many cases you can also speak with a telehealth doctor when you don’t have one of your own who can prescribe you medications such as antibiotics, blood pressure meds and other necessities. Controlled substances are usually not included in this trend due to their risk of addiction forming habits.

Riding Out the Germ

The next time you find yourself with a hacking cough and a runny nose remember… you just might be able to cut out the pharmacy line, maybe even the doctor visit… if you so choose. Unless, of course, you are one of those martyr types.

Behind The Migraine Medication

Michal-Marcol1Migraines are an unfortunate occurrence for many people, especially since this condition can become debilitating for them. A migraine is known to cause visual and sometimes aural hallucinations, most particularly noted when a person starts feeling the characteristic throbbing pain associated with a migraine.

Start treating your migraine with the right medication

In most cases, people treat migraines with simple pain relievers, generally in the form of acetaminophen or ibuprofen. While those particular over-the-counter solutions do help subside some of the innate symptoms stemming from migraines, they don’t subside the true source of the pain.

Many migraine medications also treat other conditions, some of which could potentially make a migraine attack worse. These medications, usually antidepressants, antihistamines and narcotic pain relievers, are used in various forms of migraine therapy.

The most effective migraine medications, however, directly target the source of the problem and the pain pathways that cause people the pain associated with migraines. Solpadeine is one type of medication that directly targets the ‘source of the pain,’ which you can learn more about at this helpful source.

In this short article, we’re going to take a look at the many different types of migraine medications used to subside and prevent the onset of the condition itself.


The different types of the migraine medication

Migraine medications are known to fall under two different categories. The first known ‘category’ describes medications that are made to stop migraines from happening before they start. That means that people can effectively stop an impending migraine attack before it starts, essentially making the medication that much more effective.

The second ‘category’ simply helps stop migraines from happening at all. This could describe various pain relievers and those medications that target certain parts of the brain.

Many over-the-counter medications like the aforementioned acetaminophen, ibuprofen and aspirin help subside pain from a migraine attack. It’s always recommended to take these medications as directed, as they will make the headaches worse from overuse.

Prescription drugs usually consist of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and narcotics in various combinations. Some of these prescription medications may be combined with pain relievers and other medications to help effectively subside migraine symptoms.

Egrotamines and triptans are the medications that help constrict blood vessels, essentially getting to the source of most migraines: the dilation of blood vessels in the brain. While these stronger drugs can help prevent migraines right as they happen, they aren’t an absolute solution to completely subsiding migraines.

While migraines aren’t completely curable, there are many medications that can help people get rid of many of the symptoms. Always talk with a doctor or pharmacist about the best course of action to take when searching for an appropriate medication for migraine-related pain.

treatment for migraines

Solpadeine1The migraine is known as a potentially life-threatening disease that primarily affects the body’s neurological functions, particularly when it’s left untreated. Nearly 30 million people are affected by migraines in this country, most of which are women.

About the migraine

Migraines are primarily characterized by their escalating, and oftentimes, debilitating headaches that feel like they’re ‘throbbing’ or ‘pulsating’ in one area of the head. Some people experience symptoms that accompany the headaches like severe sensitivities to light and sound, nausea and vomiting. Other people have visual disturbances before experiencing most migraine symptoms, including flashing lights and temporary blindness.

Most migraine sufferers rely on standard pain relievers to help relieve themselves of most symptoms associated with migraines. Many of these ‘over-the-counter’ migraine solutions include:

  • Analgesic medications, such as acetaminophen.
  • Anti-inflammatory medications, such as naproxen or ibuprofen.
  • Prescription barbiturates and/or narcotics.

In most cases, these treatments do work to help subside some of the less severe symptoms and provide some relief. They don’t, however, actually treat the physiological aspects that can invoke a migraine attack.

Why you need a migraine solution

The symptoms associated with migraines are primarily caused by the dilation or the expansion of blood vessels within the brain. Although there were little solutions out there to prevent this from immediately happening and causing those immediate symptoms, there are now many solutions that help promote the relief of migraine symptoms.


Newer migraine medications like triptans actually work to construct the blood vessels to stop the sudden pain, more or less interrupting the ‘chain reaction’ caused by chemicals that cause migraines. Other newer medications like Solpadeine helps stop the pain of experiencing a migraine. To learn more about this pain reliever, you can read more at the source here.

Some people who experience migraines may need to have preventative therapy to further their migraine treatment. This type of therapy is suited for people who experience more than one migraine attach in a single week and/or don’t have any other medication-related options left on the table.

While migraine medications don’t prevent migraines, they can help keep them subsided to allow people to live their lives. Although alternative medications do exist for migraines, it’s better to see the advice of your doctor or pharmacist about the right medications to take to treat migraines. If you experience migraines, you’re not alone. While it does take a while to find a medication that’s sure to work in most cases, finding an effective solution to treat migraine isn’t hard at all.

SunSense consumer impressions

Michal-Marcol1Even when you least realize it, your skin is not protected from the harmful ultraviolet rays that permeate our world. Sunlight can be good for our skin, though only in small amounts. Any more than that can actually cause our skin to experience negative side effects, ultimately causing what amounts to long term sun damage on the body.

To protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays, sunscreen is the main solution that can help us prevent that. As a topical solution, sunscreen can be applied to any area that’s consistently exposed to the sun, such as our face and hands. Applying sunscreen on a daily basis can help keep the harmful sunlight from affecting our skin and make us much more healthier.

SunSense is one of the most effective sunscreen brands out there. Its full line of sun protection products are made with high quality ingredients that are aimed at providing the optimal amount of protection for people who need to protect themselves from the harmful sunlight. You can actually read a little more about the benefits of SunSense at this handy source. In this short article, we’re going to take a look at customer impressions about SunSense.

What do you think about SunSense?

Positive impressions

It’s no secret that SunSense can help relieve immediate symptoms from too much sun exposure. For most people who have used this product, that sentiment is pretty much true.

People who bought and used SunSense liked how the product felt on their skin. Most of their brands were easy to apply to the skin, with some leaving behind a ‘matte finish.’ SunSense products like the aforementioned work best for people who apply makeup over sunscreen and don’t want to get a greasier sunscreen. Others liked how well this sunscreen absorbs into the skin after application. Most people who enjoy this product use it often, particularly if they live in a warmer climate.


Negative impressions

Most of the negative impressions revolve around the fact that SunSense can cause skin reactions when applied to the face or other parts of the body.

Some customers used SunSense’s child appropriate products on their children, only to find that the product caused their child’s skin to break out into a rash and/or blisters.  When applied to the face, some people experienced a burning sensation. There were a few cases where SunSense products actually worked for some customers, though stopped working as they experienced the aforementioned symptoms.

Despite the negative impressions, SunSense is a great line of sun protection products for people who can handle using the product on their skin type.


Keeping Your Body Regular with Fybogel Mebeverine

Fybogel MebeverineIf you are currently suffering from any degree of constipation or bowel irregularity, you have probably been searching high and low to find a product that can resolve this particular problem.  There are many, many different products, pills and potions that can be used in order to address this condition.  However, it may seem that finding the perfect one is much more difficult than it seems – especially with the wide variety of options from which you can choose.  Scientific studies and clinical trials have proven that Fybogel Mebeverine is one of the most effective products available on the market today and should be featured towards the top of the list.

What Exactly is Fybogel Mebeverine?

The key ingredient that is found within the fiber supplement is its ispaghula husk.  This husk is basically a high-fiber plant material that is completely natural and increases a substantial part of the content that passes through your digestive system.  By doing this, Fybogel Mebeverine is able to assist your body in making sure that it works normally.  This supplement also contains an antispasmodic medicinal drug that relieves cramps and spasms that occur with the gut and cause a substantial amount of pain.

Appreciating the Value of this Product

This is a truly valuable product primarily because of how effective it works.  Many consumers that have been able to try this product before in the past have submitted positive ratings, reviews and testimonials about it because of how well it worked for them.  Whether they have irritable bowel syndrome or any other irregularities with their bowels, this particular product has been proven highly capable of achieving top-notch results.  There are just so many different active ingredients that work well in relieving the pain and relaxing any spasms that pop up within your gut.Fybogel Mebeverine1

Are There Any Side Effects?

One of the first things that you should consider whenever you are purchasing any type of drug or supplement is the list of possible side effects.  When using Fybogel Mebeverine, one of the biggest side effects that many consumers have been able to experience is flatulence or even bloating.  After you start to use this medicine, though, these side effects and reactions should be gone within just a few short days.  Once that time has passed, everything else should be uphill and you should be able to enjoy the beautiful bliss of having a moderately high fiber level.

Pharmacy2u Increasing Malaria Awareness

Malaria is a very serious disease that can be fatal, it is estimated that there are 200 million new cases of it a year around the world. The risk of being bitten by a mosquito and the actual type of malaria you are at risk from depends on the country you visit and the time of the year you go there.


Anyone considering visiting an area where there is the risk of malaria should definitely put the research in a long time before hand in order to best prepare themselves and ensure their safety. This is even more important if you are thinking of taking younger children! In the UK in 2012 alone, more than 1300 people returned with the disease and this was largely due to the fact that many of them did not take the necessary medication to prevent it.


In order to simplify what can sometimes be quite a confusing disease to combat, Pharmacy2u have released a helpful video outlining what malaria is and how best to prepare for visiting an area where you are at risk from it. The online pharmacy provides a service that informs you whether you will be at risk of malaria in the area you’re visiting and what medications it suggests you take.


They begin by explaining how prevention and preparation is the key to reducing the risk of being infected. It’s good to see what is essentially a video that isn’t solely plugging products but offers useful tips such as ensuring as much of your skin is covered by clothing as possible to reduce the risk of being bitten.


Pharmacy2u you offer a broad selection of the most popular repellent brands and suggest they have a strength of at least 20%, though 50% is generally preferable as it lasts longer. The likes of Jungle Formula and Ben’s are popular brands and Pharmacy2u have many more available.


Along with this they offer an online consultation to help answer any of your questions and concerns and to also let you know what medication is necessary for what region.


Overall the video gives a clear and concise breakdown of what measures you should take to avoid bites. If malaria is prevalent in an area you are thinking of traveling to then it would be a good decision to watch this video.


So be sure to check out Pharmacy2u and their helpful staff for all your malaria needs.

For further information on finding the right malaria vaccine, watch the video:

Relief of Hemorrhoids has Never Been Easier

Anusol Cream1Anusol (bismuth oxide) is a type of medication that’s used to treat symptoms associated with the condition internal piles or hemorrhoids and other local skin irritations originating in the anal area.

Active Ingredients

This medication contains the active ingredients balsalm peru, bismuth oxide and zinc oxide. These active ingredients have mild antiseptic and protective properties, in addition to having the ability to act as astringent or blood vessel constricting substances. Balsam peru, in particular, is known to promote the growth of newer skin cells.

The product’s suppositories and ointment also contains the aforementioned bismuth subgallate, which also possesses the same properties as the previously mentioned.


Anusol is currently available in the form of rectal cream, suppositories and topical ointment. The suppositories are used for insertion into the rectum, which can effectively treat internal piles or hemorrhoids. The cream and ointment are more suitable for external piles, though can also treat internal occurrences as well.

This medication is mainly used to treat piles or hemorrhoids. It also treats rectum inflammation (proctitis), itching around the rectal area (pruritus ani) and tears within the lining of the rectal area (anal fissures).

Wash your hands before and after applying this medicine to your rectal area. You should use this medication, whether cream, ointment or suppository, after emptying your bowels. The rectal area should be cleaned and dried before using this medication.

You can use the cream and ointment internally or externally around the anal area; use the provided nozzle to insert the cream or ointment into the rectum and squeeze out a small amount of the medication. Thoroughly clean the nozzle after each use. Use Anusol preparations in the morning, at night and/or following a bowel movement.

Warnings and Side Effects

These preparations are not suited for oral consumption. The medication also contains propolyne glycol, which is known to potentially cause skin irritation. It also contains what’s known as propyl parahydroxybenzoate and parahydroxybenzoate (E218), which might cause delayed allergic reasons.

This medicine isn’t suitable for children and adolescents under 10 years of age. You shouldn’t use this medicine if you are allergic to any of the ingredients used to produce this medication. If you have experienced an allergic reaction to this medication, consult your doctor or medical provider immediately.

It is known to cause side effects, such as a burning sensation, sensitization and/or allergic reactions. This medication is known to not interact with other medications; always check with your doctor or medical provider to learn more information about using medications like Anusol.

Protect Your Skin with Sun Sense

sun sense1No matter how careful we are, everyday our skin is exposed to some degree of sunlight. Even though it is said that a little sun is good for us, too much can do reversal effects and actually cause long term damage to our skin and bodies. In order to stop and even reverse the damages caused by the sun, we have to begin protecting our skin from the sun’s rays. This is especially important if you live in a warmer climate.

Wearing a high power sun screen on a daily basis will help to protect us from the sun’s UVA as well as UVB rays, which is what causes the damage in the first place. UVA and UVB rays can cause sun damage to the skin, wrinkles, hyperpigmentations, dark spots, skin cancers, and premature aging.

Sun Sense is a line of protective sunscreens created for every age, and is specially formulated using the highest qualities ingredients. These ingredients bond to your skin to create a protective barrier that shields your skin from the harmful sun rays. Each product is unique in its formulation, and each product protects against both UVA and UVB rays. These sunscreens provide superior protection, and are ranked among the highest in protection of all the brands available. They are even prescribed by physicians and doctors in the UK.

Not all sunscreens are created equally. Some sunscreens are hard to apply, can leave a white mess on your skin, and wash off easily in the water. That is why it is important to make sure your sunscreen is of the highest quality. The Sun Sense sunscreen line is made of the highest quality ingredients, and is free of PABA derivatives and lanolin. It is dermatologist tested and proven to be safe and effective sun protection for all ages.

The product line consists of different formulas for everyone’s needs. There are formulas for swimming, sensitive skin, babies, children, anti-aging, daily facial protectant, and lip protectant. There is also an after sun formula available that helps to moisturize and repair sun dried skin.

It is always fun to spend the day on the beach, or out on a boat with your family and friends, and it is equally as important that you make sure that you and your loved ones are fully protected from the harmful sunrays with the right kind of sunscreen.

Migranes NO More!

solpadeine2All of a Sudden…

Planning a weekend out? With plans in place, the car packed, and everything in order, you could still find yourself canceling your weekend getaway if a sudden migraine comes on. With sensitivity to light and sound, nausea and the debilitating pain that follows, you won’t be having any fun. Sudden and severe pain can ruin plans, that is, unless, you treat it.

Ow! That Hurts!

We all experience pain in our daily lives, be it mild headaches, back aches, or sometimes more serious conditions. For people who experience debilitating pain caused by migraines, sprains or dental problems, the pain can sometimes feel unbearable. Often times these pains come on without warning, wrecking plans and distracting from responsibilities.

Pain can keep people from doing the activities they love, enjoying the company of loved ones, and living life to their full potentials. Treating pain is a key factor in recovery, as well as overall happiness. What can start out as a mild pain can often develop into a more serious one, and that’s why it’s important to have something that can provide immediate relief on hand.

Treating Pain

Solpadeine is a fast-acting pain reliever, perfect for pains that can’t be treated by ibuprofen or aspirin alone. This pain reliever treats period pain, migraines, dental pain, strains, sprains and a variety of other aches. With only two tables you can get fast-acting pain relief for up to four hours, allowing you to enjoy yourself without the threat of pain interfering.

Solpadeine contains three active ingredients that work together to treat pain fast. Paracetamol, Codeine and Caffeine work together to get you feeling better quickly. Because of the strength and effectiveness of these painkillers, extended use is not recommended.

This pharmacy formula is designed to treat pain fast and get you back on your feet in no time. The little tablets are perfect to keep on you for that sudden and severe pain, and can make relief accessible no matter the time or place.

Don’t Cancel Plans

Treating pain is as important to recovery as it is to patient happiness. Pain can often keep us from doing the things we love, and the faster we can treat pain, the faster we can return to our normal activities. So pack up your car, plan out your weekend, and don’t fear the threat of sudden pain when you have quick relief on hand.

Treating Infections with Trimethoprim

Trimethoprim 1Bladder infections, sometimes called UTIs, or urinary tract infections, occur most frequently in women for many reasons.  Many health care professionals think that women are more susceptible to men because of a short urethra that is close the vagina and anus, which houses bacteria that can cause the infections.  Infections can be painful, but mostly they are irritating, but they would be treated right away.  A common treatment for these infections is prescribing the drug trimethoprim.

How Trimethoprim Works

This drug is used to treat bacterial infections, such as bladder infections and chest infections.  It works by inhibiting the production of tetrahydrofolic acid, which is a chemical that is needed for bacteria to produce proteins.  There is an enzyme that the drug inhibits that turns dihydrofolic acid into tetrahydrofolic acid.  It effectively kills the bacteria that causes the UTI.

Taking Trimethoprim

You maybe prescribed this drug by its brand name, Monotrim.  It is an oral medication that should be used as directed by your doctor.  You will usually be prescribed a 200 mg tablet to be taken twice a day if you have an infection that is being treated.  Sometimes it will be prescribed as a 100 mg dosage to prevent infections in adults, which is taken only at night.  If children are prescribed this medication, it is given in liquid form and the dose given will depend on the age of the child.

The normal duration for the medication is three to 14 days.  You should also finish your full course of antibiotics, unless you are told to stop taking it by your doctor.  He may ask you to stop taking it if you are having an allergic reaction or if the medication shows no sign of working and you’re being prescribed a strong antibiotic.

Side Effects

Most medications will have some sort of side effects that will occur with some people, while others may not notice any problems.  Some of the more common side effects include an upset stomach or feeling sick to your stomach.  Usually this is a more minor symptom and you can help ease the problem by eating foods that are blander or simpler.

Some people may experience skin irritations, so try and use mild fragrances and soaps when you clean your skin.  If you notice a more severe skin rash, sore throat, fevers or bruising when taking this medication, let your doctor know as soon as possible.